The governing body are responsible for the creation and maintenance of the policies in force at Nine Mile Ride.

As part of our responsibilities under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, we have created a Freedom of Information Publication Scheme which describes the information we intend to publish (mostly on the school web site) and how to access other information.

This scheme groups the various documents into four classes of information:

Class Description
School Information Information describing the school and its priorities, including the prospectus, Ofsted report, Term Dates, Priorities and Evaluation Statement
Governors' Documents Information published in the Governors' Annual Report and in other governing body documents, including minutes
Pupils & Curriculum Information about policies that relate to pupils and the school curriculum, including Equality Objectives and Information
School policies and other information related to the school Information about policies that relate to the school in general, including Attendance and Complaints policies


All school policies (with the exception of some personnel-related policies) are published on the school web site. All policies are also available via the school office.

In October 2015, Governors approved a change in the review period for many of the policies that we publish, having completed a cycle of extensive review. Because of this, you may find that some policies will appear to have reached their review date and yet not have been updated yet. These will be corrected as each policy reaches its updated review cycle.

Andrew Beckett

Chair of Governors

Our Vision

Learning for Life - together we discover, nurture, achieve and shine.

Our Values

Respect, Resourcefulness, Resilience, Reflectiveness