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The curriculum at Nine Mile Ride

At Nine Mile Ride Primary School we take pride in developing outstanding teaching and learning by holding the highest expectations of all our pupils and knowing the pupils well. We challenge all pupils to strive for academic, creative, emotional, sporting and personal accomplishment within a broad, vibrant and enriched curriculum.  Our vision is for all pupils to leave Nine Mile Ride Primary as life-long learners with the knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes that make them ready for being responsible citizens of the 21st century.

Our values of being respectful, resilient, resourceful and reflective will enable pupils to develop a personal ethic and a moral attitude that will positively affect behaviour and equip them with the skills needed for successful lives both now and in the future and contribute positively to society.

We celebrate growth mind sets and promote learning power skills to ensure that pupils are capable of doing new things, being creative and inventive and are not frightened to make mistakes. We encourage pupils to take ownership of and responsibility for their learning and decisions, so they have the confidence and curiosity to ask questions, solve problems and communicate well.

In order to create an inclusive school where everyone can shine, we promote an ethos where we believe in all our pupils, where challenge is valued and celebrated – both within school and the wider world. Special care is taken to build respectful relationships and educate everyone at Nine Mile Ride about the needs of others and how best to meet them. We foster open and honest communication with parents, carers and specialists and actively seek to engage with all members of the Nine Mile Ride community in a positive and supportive manner.

Preparing pupils to thrive in this ever-changing world relies on parents as educators too and it is our aim to continue to work with you so that pupils leave Nine Mile Ride Primary ready and fully equipped for the next stage in their journey through life.

Our curriculum construct is based upon the belief that to be a successful learner at Nine Mile Ride, the following skills are needed for success.

We believe that learning the basics is important for every child and there is a strong teaching focus on this; however, it is not at the expense of a full curriculum and not solely focused on end of Key Stage results.

Our curriculum opens the doors on all sorts of opportunities, resulting in children who are highly-motivated and enthusiastic in all they do.



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