Lunch Menus

School lunches will need to be ordered online using your Scopay account. This can be done using or using the app on your phone for more information here is a Guide to Ordering Meals on Scopay. Online link code letters have been sent out to anyone that doesn’t show on the system as having set up access online.

This will be needed for every child in school, including those having Universal Infant Free School Meals in KS1 and those receiving Free School Meals. Parents that pay for the children’s lunches will need to have the account in credit before you can place the order.

Parents will need to order their children’s lunches up to a 7 days in advance. For example, so that your child will have a school lunch for the Monday you will need to have ordered it online by the previous Monday. Lunches will be able to be ordered up to 30 days in advance and you will be able to make changes but the system has a cut off of when it reaches the 7 day deadline.

The new lunch menus are below, they will be on a three weekly rota and the first week back will be week 1 and so on until the end of term. If we choose to do a different food choice for a special reason (Christmas lunch) we can add those in on those specific dates in advance and we will advise you accordingly with plenty of notice.

All of the menus choices have an allergy/intolerance variation and this will be handled by the kitchen staff as they will be notified of the children this affects.

Dietary Requirements

Cucina are committed to provide meals for children needing specials diets for medical and cultural requirements, where possible. If your child has a special diet or allergy intolerance, please notify the School Office by emailing: