Google Classroom

To access Google classroom please go to: and for more information on how to use Google Classrooms for Home Learning, please read our Google Classroom Parent Guide.

Supporting your child’s learning at home

If you are looking for more information on how to support your child’s home learning or maths calculations, please visit our Home learning page.

Accessing Google Classroom

Google Classroom is accessible by pc, tablet and phone.

To access via PC, please go to and follow the instructions found further down this page:

To access on a tablet/phone please click on the relevant link below:


Please note: this does not give a child access to a Gmail account.

Google Meet

From time to time video conferences are arranged through your classroom using Google Meet. To access these on a pc you will need the Google Chrome Browser or to access on a tablet/phone you will need to download one of the following apps.

To download:

Get the Chrome browser: