Wednesday 23 July - School finishes 2.15pm for all year groups

Wednesday 3rd September 2014 - First pupil day of Autumn term


Summer is finally here and we look forward to the final term of the school year. We carry the lessons of the past with us and look confidently to the future, secure in the knowledge that we will achieve great things if we believe we can do it.

The school year has been filled with many successes, both large and small. Those successes took place every day as lives were transformed through learning and teaching. Success took many forms: being able to read our first book; solving a logic problem; mastering a gymnastic skill; making new friends; playing a new instrument; writing a poem; starting a club; winning a competition or award; getting chosen to represent the school.
So, as Summer begins, I wish everyone a wonderful season – full of learning, good health and great happiness and I am certain that this coming term will bring greater success to all at Nine Mile Ride.
“If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

Mrs Brown






First shots of the new office!


Goodbye Old Office - Thursday 26th June


Today the old office furniture is cleared ready for the area being boarded up! What wil the area look like when the boards are removed?

24th June 2014 New Photos

Outside walls taking shape!

The Old Entrance!

Take a look at these photographs to remind you how our school entrance used to look!



Photographs 19th June

Walls taking shape!

Photographs 18th June


Foundations being laid and prepared for the concrete to arrive!

Work has started!

Work has started! As I am sure you will have noticed, work has begun on our new reception office. Keep checking back at the link to 'Our New Reception' for up to date information, photos and updates! Please feel free to comment below clicking the link below!


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