Tuesday 22 April - First pupil dayof Summer term 



Spring is finally here and we look forward to the year ahead, with great anticipation as to what will come. We carry the lessons of the past with us and look confidently to the future, secure in the knowledge that we will achieve great things if we believe we can do it.

2013 was filled with many successes, both large and small. Those successes took place every day as lives were transformed through learning and teaching. Success took many forms: being able to read our first book; solving a logic problem; mastering a gymnastic skill; making new friends; playing a new instrument; writing a poem; starting a club; winning a competition or award; getting chosen to represent the school.
So, as Spring begins, I wish everyone a wonderful season – full of learning, good health and great happiness and I am certain that this coming term will bring greater success to all at Nine Mile Ride.
“If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

Mrs Brown






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