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From 1st February 2018 Nine Mile Ride Primary School became an academy school within a Multi Academy Trust (The Circle Trust).

The Trustees of the Circle Trust became the Admissions Authority for the school.

Admission Arrangements

The admissions arrangements for all mainstream academies and free schools must comply with the School admissions code and the School admission appeals code.

Admissions for Foundation Stage

Admissions for Foundation Stage entry for 2020/21 need to be made to your home local authority. Please contact your home local authority for further information on how and when to do this.

In-year Admissions

To apply for a place outside the normal Foundation admissions round, applications should be made directly to The Circle Trust.

Please complete the form below and return to The Circle Trust by emailing or the postal address given on the form.







If you have received a refusal of a school place and wish to lodge an appeal, please follow the link for further information.

If you have any queries about admissions to Nine Mile Ride Primary School, please send an email to