The Circle Trust

On 1st February 2018, Nine Mile Ride Primary School converted to an academy and became part of The Circle Trust.

Our trust, established in 2018 was created to serve the local area of Wokingham and be geographically committed to surrounding counties.  The Circle Trust was borne out of a desire that all children and young people have an excellent well-rounded education and flourish in first-rate schools where the best teaching, the best facilities and the most up-to-date resources are made available to them.

The Circle Trust is a community of schools that have shared values and share an essential common ethos and vision for education and learning.  At the centre of our work together is improving the educational outcomes for our pupils.  We deliberately use the term “educational outcomes” to highlight that we value education in the widest sense whilst balancing our ambition to seek the highest academic performance.

“The Circle Trust” name symbolically reflects our approach, our way of working, indeed the ethos of how we operate.  It is a name that is deliberately neutral and without association of a specific school.  In our trust we know that it is important to treat every school as individual and unique and feel strongly that a name shouldn’t be connected to a single institution.  One of our core values is that of being inclusive and so we wanted our name to encapsulate all sorts of schools whatever their type or phase.   Our logo’s circles give a pictorial sense of inclusivity, which can naturally expand, with the overlapping circles depicting our desire to collaborate.

Collaboration is important to us.  Being part of our multi-academy trust does not mean working exclusively with a specific cluster of schools.  We encourage that schools retain their relationships with other local and national partners.   The Circle Trust is not and will never be a franchise model requiring schools to work in a regulated and specific way!  We understand how to manage the balance between effective and efficient common systems whilst ensuring that the individual character and ethos of different schools is maintained.

We work in a very transparent way, where schools have the opportunity to influence and their views are taken into account.  We don’t want to change schools we want to help us all be better.  As a trust we take this approach and our ambition is clear; to improve the educational outcomes for children and young people.

We recognise that for schools joining any trust is a most serious decision.  We have taken care in creating an approach where enquiring schools can feel free to do just that – enquire!

If you would like to, please contact us either via our telephone answering service on 0118 3320011 or by email:

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The Circle Trust, a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales, company number 11031096, registered at The Circle Trust, London Road, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 1SS. Tel: 0118 332 0011