Catch Up to Recovery Funding

NMR is committed to providing the highest quality education for all our children regardless of background or barrier to learning in all aspect of school life through a tiered and targeted approach to school improvement.  This includes: 

  1. High quality teaching for all (including explicit teaching, scaffolding, cognitive and metacognitive strategies, and flexible groupings-(See Common Language of Teaching (pages 9 & 10) based upon Rosenshine’s Principles).
  2. Effective diagnostic assessment (based upon PiXL methodology). 
  3. High quality remote learning opportunities (click here).
  4. High quality professional development opportunities. 
  5. Targeted academic support (1:1 and small group tuition based upon data analysis).
  6. Wider Strategies (Supporting pupils’ social, emotional, and behavioural needs (Thrive), communicating with, and supporting parents).