PE Timetable

Please find below the details of the days your child needs to come into school wearing their PE kit.

Year Class PE Days
Foundation Ash Friday
Holly Friday
Year 1 Cherry Tuesday Friday
Sycamore Tuesday Friday
Year 2 Tulip Tree Monday Friday
Willow Monday Friday
Year 3 Elm Wednesday Friday
Maple Wednesday Friday
Year 4 Oak Monday Thursday
Poplar Monday Tuesday
Year 5 Beech Monday Tuesday
Chestnut Monday Thursday
Year 6 Hawthorn Wednesday
Lime Thursday

Please can we remind you

  1. The children need to wear NMR PE shorts and tee shirt with tracksuit top and bottoms over the top.
  2. Trainers (preferably, as the weather will become more unreliable) if not plimsolls
  3. All pupils with long hair need to tie their hair back.
  4. All pupils with earrings need to either tape or remove them.